What We Do

Anxiety United is packed full of features, and all are free to use. Below you will see a list, with a short description with each feature that is available to our website visitors.

As you may have noticed during your visit to Anxiety United, we like to promote real life experience and knowledge of mental health issues. 

Get Social - this area of the website works in a similar way to facebook. With each user having a specific activity feed, where they are able to use status updates, add other users as friends, add photos to their own albums, and send private messages to other members. The Get Social toolbar (blue bar at the top of the screen) is where you will receive your notifications, whether they are friend requests, messages or activity notifications.

Discussions - the forum here on Anxiety United is very much the same as other mental health related website forums. The posts in the forum are visible by all website visitors, but they will need to register to post a reply. The forum topics can be very useful if you are searching for a particular answer to something that may be bothering you.

Resources - here you will find the list of FREE mental health resources created for Anxiety United members. With everything from Yoga introduction and exposure therapy videos, to excepts from books, and free eBooks.

Podcast - the Anxiety United podcast is an audio file which is created on a regular basis covering various topics of mental health. Also including some audio exercises such as mindfulness techniques and guided relaxation exercises.

As you will see from browsing the website, there are also many other features for you to choose from.

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