The Future

Considering that the initial vision for Anxiety United has already been surpassed, the future really is unknown. We have many ideas that we''d love to see happen. Including things like Anxiety United meet-ups around the country and more valuable resources.

The beauty of Anxiety United is that even though when the website was first launched, As much as we wanted it to be a success, we never really expected it to happen especially in the short space in time that it has. So each and every day, something new happens and it takes us by surprise.

Ideally, the future for Anxiety United will be to target the press, and try and raise as much awareness as possible of our platform. We''ve had such amazing feedback and comments, especially from people who have said that Anxiety United is the first place they''ve ever felt comfortable enough to register on. It makes the whole project worthwhile.

If we can raise money along the way for improvements to the website, to create more resources and to gather promotional materials to help spread the word, then that''s a bonus. Another great point to Anxiety United is that its completely free to use, and required no funding to create. So regardless of donations, we will always have this platform available, and it will always remain free to use.

If you''d like to know more about Anxiety United, or speak to us regarding our platform. Please contact us either via our contact page, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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