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Anxiety United started out as just an idea, after suffering from mental health issues for over a decade. Creator Billy Cross had been referred for cognitive behavioural therapy 3 times, and decided that he wanted to write a collection of blogs about his experiences.

Billy created the original website over the course of a few weeks, in its basic format which initially included the blog section and the social networking area as a beginning. The idea Billy had for the platform came from his own personal experiences with finding other people who could relate to his situation. In around 2006 he managed to establish a small group of friends who knew exactly how it felt to suffer with crippling anxiety and agoraphobia. He began to share experiences, ideas and tips on how to deal with certain situations. From the early conversations with these friends, a community environment had developed, and within this community was a certain motivation. A feeling of inspiration that made each and every person involved want to tackle their issues. Whatever the problem was, all of the friends stood together and bounced off one another to make progress. And so a peer support group was born.

Billy went from being completely housebound, to being able to get out and do things that he''d never thought possible after being ill for so long. A number of videos were created tracking the progress he was making during these early days.

"I had reached a point in my life where I was able to function, admittedly I was still restricted somewhat, but none the less, the progress was incredible when I look back now."

"Fast forward to 6th January 2014 when the website was first launched, I can see even further progress. Looking back over recent years, I could feel myself becoming a little too comfortable with just managing to get by. I wanted to reinvent the community spirit that helped me get to that stage."

Anxiety United has since become that community.

Since initially writing this section, unfortunately the Anxiety United website became the victim of cyber crime and was removed from the internet to protect our users. We have now relaunched the website and as of November 2015, this latest website is now fully updated, and is inline with the latest web technologies to ensure ease of use and mobile usabiliy.

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