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Anxiety United Launches Patreon Campaign

Posted by Billy Cross - March 13, 2017

Billy Cross


In 2014, Anxiety United was born. A free social network and resource centre for sufferers of anxiety and mental health conditions. Being a sufferer of anxiety myself for over a decade, I've long been aware of the difficulties in finding support. I created Anxiety United to give sufferers a place to engage with others who could relate and offer advice and guidance.

During the time since Anxiety United has been established, the project has grown to something which far exceeded my initial expectations. The impact Anxiety United has had via social media has been my biggest surprise.

For over 5 years now, I've been documenting my ups and downs with anxiety on youtube and have recently been putting a lot of time in to creating videos which help explain certain conditions and symptoms of this debilitating condition.

The reason for my Patreon campaign is to allow me to put more of my time in to creating these resources, more videos and more podcast episodes. I'd like to be able to dedicate my time to finding answers and sharing them. Learning from professionals, learning from experience and offering my findings to all those who suffer.

I also recently completed a Diploma in Mindfulness of which I passed with a distinction, which I intend to use to create more media for sufferers to use and help them overcome anxiety and rebuild their lives.

Anxiety has already taken up a decade of my life and I'd be happy to give my all to learn, share and help other sufferers break down these anxiety barriers.

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