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Depression Information

Have you been feeling low, hopeless or sad for more than two weeks?

If you answered this question with yes, then you could be suffering from depression. Don’t worry, you have found the right place to help you.

Depression is a lot more than being sad for a couple of days. Depression can last for months, even years, and can have a massive effect on your every day life. But there is advice and many treatment options out there which can help you to overcome it.

Take a look and learn more about depression, plus what you can do to help yourself feel better.

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Generalised Anxiety Disorder Information

Everybody can recognise feelings of anxiety, no matter who they are.

First date nerves or feeling jittery at a job interview is more or less commonplace. But what happens when anxiety feels like it’s taking over your life, and you feel anxious but can’t really define why?

You could be suffering from something known as Generalised Anxiety Disorder, or GAD for short.

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Health Anxiety Information

Do you ever find yourself monitoring your own body?

Scanning yourself for changes or focussing on the slightest twinges?

Magnifying your attention in to anything you think might be different or to an area of your body that you might notice a new sensation.

Those who suffer with Health Anxiety have an obsessive preoccupation with being seriously ill.

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Agoraphobia Information

Do you fear and often avoid places or situations that might cause you to panic, make you feel trapped, helpless or embarrassed?

If so, then you could be suffering from something a mental health condition known as Agoraphobia. Sufferers of Agoraphobia often fear both actual and anticipated situations, such as being in open or enclosed spaces, standing in queues, being in crowds or using public transport. The intense feelings of anxiety felt in these situations is usually caused by fear of having no easy way to escape or seek help if the intensity of the anxiety develops in to a panic attack.

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Social Anxiety Information

Do you have an overwhelming fear of social situations?

If so, then you could be suffering from something known as Social anxiety. Social anxiety is different to being nervous about making a presentation, or going into a job interview. It is an intense fear which can take over your everyday life.

You might feel like you are thinking about social situations all the time, and how you can avoid them or mask your fear.

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